Thursday, June 6, 2013

On the move again - we relocate to Cape Cod!

It has been one crazy year of change.  Last May we moved our family to Maryland, sold our beloved home in Maine, made a major career change and I moved my wood shop - and we just did it all again this May.  We are happy to be back in New England and have landed on Cape Cod with the plan to stay put for a long time.  
With this move comes a new studio in a barn on the property.  It will provide 1500 square feet of shop, office and storage space.  I have to put most of my furniture projects on hold over the next several months while I renovate.  Currently it has stalls on either side of the open center section which I plan to remove and add beams to carry the second floor providing an open floor plan.  Other changes include new windows, doors, lighting, insulation, flooring and heating.  
Above you can see the two dividing walls currently supporting the second floor.  Once removed it will be wide open space allowing for some amazing studio space.  Much to coordinate, materials to order, etc.  Not sure how long this will take, but only one way to find out...

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