Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spirits Cabinet - Part One

After several consultations to discuss design, dimensions, function, wood tones and more I am finally getting underway on the spirits cabinet commission.  I like to lay out the planks, usually after skip planing to get a sense of the grain pattern and tones of the wood, living with them for a bit in the shop.  This helps me to visualize how they fit into the project before sectioning them further.
I was able to find some wonderfully figured kiatt for the primary wood of the cabinet and to stretch the use, and the other woods for the project, it will be sliced into veneers.  The major woods involved in the project are Kiatt, Caribbean Walnut, and Moosehead Red Birch.  Below is my basic setup for veneer slicing on the bandsaw. 
I was able to get six slices about  3/32" thick from this board.  It will be used in the door and drawer fronts.  When all is done, there will be about 60 veneer slices 7 to 12 inches in width. The next blog installment will include cutting the substrate panels and adhering the veneers to them.  

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